Reconstruction of the School

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July 27, 2015
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March 6, 2017

Reconstruction of the School

Laliguras Primary School 9,Kavre.This school is badly hit by April - May earthquake.  This school runs playgroup to grade 5 and educated 80 students. Now, these students are taking their classes in a bamboo makeshift. It’s noisy and   crowded.  The teachers have to wait to teach, as there are 4 grades in a one-bamboo makeshift. According to the District Education of Office (DEO), Kavre, the earthquake has damaged 527 schools of Kavre district.
School Principal Sanobabu Wagle says, “The classes were disrupted and it was noisy. Running 3 grades in a one temporary room was very difficult. Now, We are very happy and satisfied with the work progress though there are not enough supplies due to the Indian blockade. He adds, “ This school and students are very lucky as we got the good donors.”
The Happiness
The school building was started to construct from October. The construction was completed by December 2015. There are 4 classrooms. The students needed rooms as soon as possible so this building constructed with iron truss and metal roof. There is false ceiling to avoid noise from rain and it will not be hot in summer. The locals and teachers are actively participating for the construction. Locals are very happy and have praised the construction work done by IWEN as the time of necessity whether the government is delaying its reconstruction program me due to the disagreement among political parties for the reconstruction process.
Annahy Mondhill, IWEN Board Member and a local social worker did the opening ceremony of the school on 4th of January. The school committee organized a program for this. There were teachers, students, the members from school management committee, teachers from neighboring schools, social workers, guardian etc. The management committee, teachers and guardians appreciated the support as the students now can have better 4 classrooms and they don’t have to take class in a bamboo hut. Everybody was amazed when the work is completed in a period, as there were limited supplies of material due to the unofficial blockade from India. All the participants of the opening ceremony genuinely valued the funding support of IWEN, Canada and thanks all the kind hearted Canadians donors, who donated money for this great cause.

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