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March 6, 2017
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May 15, 2017

School Work Progress

Shree Bandevi Primary School and Salangiri School, Deurali VDC, Gorkha was damaged by the horrible earthquake of April 2015. More than 200 students of primary level were affected from this.

IWEN-Canada and DWC is helping to rebuild these two schools through funding and sending the volunteers on the ground. BandeviPrimary isalmost completed. The school is waiting for the funding for windows and doors; which will cost approximately CAD$ 3,000.00. The students, the teachers and the guardians are very happy and are very thankful to the donors.
Now, the students are taking classes in newly built colored four classrooms. They used take their classes in a makeshift classroom. Two groups of volunteers from DWC came and worked with the local people.The construction of Shree Salangiri Primary School is going on. There are seven classrooms. The two groups of volunteers from DWC and IWEN labored with the local workers. It was great fun and motivating -making a team from two different courtiers and two different cultures-thatwere working for a change. All the members of the volunteer team enjoyed the working, though it was a hard work. The local also worked hand by hand with them, as they wanted a good school for their children.

We all are very grateful and thankful to all the following volunteers who came to Gorkha,Nepal from DWC and IWEN, Canada for your time, labor work and funding support. It was a best moment working together. Thanks for your understandings and tolerance.
S.N Name- DWC S.N Name-IWEN
1 Jen Baillie 1 Ron Quilter
2 DawidNawrot 2 Alan Fletcer
3 Vida Mahoubi 3 Rowan Fletcher
4 HastiMahoubi 4 Collen Chapman
5 Penny Trudel Hoban 5 Sheila Rennie
6 Rene Brand 6 Pam Sweetman
7 Penny Lane Gumely 7 Maureen Cousins
8 Jim Little 8 Marly Jean Merrill
9 Bri Little 9 Kate Mulvaney
10 Danielle Frothingeri 10 KarineDoucet
11 Anastasia 11 Doug Janzen
12 Lindy Steele 12 David Roberts
13 Russ Carmichael 13 Carolyn Walsh
14 Bob Welly 14 Anne Alexander
15 CamMillward 15 Rachel Floyd
16 JoePicton
17 Geraldine Farrell
Other Volunteers
1 DorindaPosthuma
2 Eva Hirschi
3 LorèneMétral

We are planning to complete this school by May 2017 so that the children will get a sound, safe and child friendly classrooms.
The recent work progress picture of Salangiri School.

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