Schooling Support

Schooling Support

Schooling Support in Kathmandu

Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal) has been supporting underprivileged and orphaned children for education with hostel services. All these students stay and study in following private English Medium Schools. This program is generously funded by the Himalayan Children Charity, USA.

SNSchools’ NameNo. Of Students
1Reliance Residential School20
2Kavya School11

At the holidays or on the schools’ leave, these students come and stay in-group home (informally known as Khusighar (Happy Home), which is mainly designed for youth students. In this group home, the house parents and the senior students (see in Youth Support Program) coach them on moral values, life skills, socialization etc. Besides that the house parent counsel and help them on their personal issues and senior students helps them on weak subjects. In this group home, senior students help these younger students in their studies and their respective chores. This group home gives them a home environment; so that a sense of family is developed amongst all our students.