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Karuna Consortium comprised of Creating Possibilites Nepal (CP Nepal), SWAN and Karuna itself has been implementing Combating Worst Form of Child Labor among vulnerable children in four VDCs of Dang District in partnership with TDH-Netherland. The main objective of the project is to ensure rights of children in a safe and respectful environment by improving coping skill and increased financial earning of the family and ensure better quality of life by practicing their right to education. The project has targeted family, community and institutions in general and 50 vulnerable children to child labor and 50 exploited/abused children in particular. It is a wellestablished fact that child labor and education are negatively correlated. Empirical evidences also show that when the child is not in school, it is very likely that he or she is forced to work odd jobs in informal economic activities as child labor.

There are various pull and push factors for child labor. One of the key push factors for school dropout resulting into child labor is lack of child friendly school environment and absence of education relevant to the need of the students. Karuna Consortium has identified 100 vulnerable and exploited children and has supported them to enroll in various 11 schools of project areas. It is necessary to retain them in the school and provide education enhancing their life skill to prevent them from the abuse/exploitation. It is thus a systematic effort for creating child friendly schools providing minimum quality standard education in project areas. This note briefly elaborates on child friendly school, its indicators, process and monitoring mechanism.

The students which are support from TDH programs are from four VDcs: Gadhawa ,Bela, Sisahaniya and Gobardiha .This program is main purpose is to avoid child labor helping on child’s education and empowering mothers economically.

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