Community/School Building

Unako Community Building

With the presence of IWEN’s and DWC volunteer groups, CP Nepal completed the UNAKO House, a dream project of the local beneficiaries. As the volunteers from Canada participated with energy and appreciation of the locals the spirit of the volunteers was unbelievable. Each volunteer gave his or her best. They shared with the locals not only in their culture but also in their stories. It seems that this experience was truly unforgettable and it was a once in a lifetime event for all involved.

Unako House is a multipurpose building that acts mainly to local women helping them towards their financial and educational progress as well as their personal empowerment. This building accommodates Unako Scarf Cottage Industry, Unako Co-operative Office, CP Nepal’s field office, volunteers’ room and a big hall with a kitchen.

This building is equipped with 10 KW solar panels; so that we don’t have to worry about the power cut. It’s a model building and we are hopeful that it will play a vital role for the development of the local people.

Reconstruction of School

With the presence of DWC and IWEN volunteer groups CP Nepal completed constructing the school named Salangari Primary School in the place .The School was destroyed from the earthquake and students were studying in temporary building made of the bamboo and tin.The Project is still going on.There were group of 28 volunteer.