Volunteers Program

We offer a variety of volunteer & internship programs in Nepal which to implement sustainable solutions which promote positive change for the lives of underprivileged childrens, disadvantaged communities in Nepal. There are many options for volunteering with Creating Possibilites Nepal ( CP Nepal). Volunteers can help underprivileged childrens, women empowerment programs, helping in constructing schools, help in office of CP Nepal, volunteering in orphanages.



Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Look into These FAQ

1Is there any cultural custom that I need to Learn?
Yes, These are things Your need to Know:
1. To show appreciation and respect, use two hands rather than one when giving or receiving something, even money.
2. Remember not to point with a single finger but use a flat extended hand specially to indicate a sacred object or place.
3. Among Hindus, avoid touching women and holy men; the traditional way of greeting is 'Namaste" joining palm is preferable.
4. Don't eat eat beef among Hindus.
5. Try not to step over or point your feet at another person, a sacred place or a hearth.
6. Remove your shoes when entering a home, temple or monastery (and leather items in Hindu temples) and avoid smoking and wearing scant dress in religious settings.
7. Do not offer food from your plate, nor eat from a common pot, and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.
2Is fee compulsory?
Yes, it's compulsory. Since Creating Possibilities Nepal is non- profit organization and the volunteer has to bear lodging, transportation, food, drinking water and other stuff