Youth Support & Group Home

Youth Support & Group Home

CP Nepal supports deserving youths and have established a transit home which unofficially called Kushi Ghar (Happy Home/our communal home) in 2010; where the students who have completed grade 10, stay for 2 years. In this transit home/group home, they learn life skills and develop other needed talents and abilities to lead life independently in future.

This Happy Home/ Group home was especially created to teach the youth certain skills needed for a respected life in a Nepalese society. The house holds biweekly family meetings with the house parents and keeps a routine for their chores. The main goals of this house are teaching the youth decision-making, positive thinking, better studying habits and career building.

The youth stay in the Happy Home for 2 years, and then are shifted to an independent flat where the house parents monitor them indirectly; though their support will continue.

After graduation, the youth will lead lives outside of the home and CPN will help them to find a career. These youth are very grateful to their sponsors as they are given a better education, support, and a family.

On the basis of HCC and CP Nepal cooperation agreement, students who has completed grade 10, gets further educational support up to Bachelor Degree.